Nanjing Dongding Chemcials Co

Nanjing Dongding Chemicals Co.,Ltd., is based on Nanjing Jiangsu,China, We offer both organic and inorganic chemicals,pigments and dyestuffs in JIANGSU ,China. Our factory in domestic sales continues to be ten years in history, is among the leading industrial chemicals manufacturer and Supplier, meeting the need for various industries. This Year,our organization founded the Worldwide Trade Department.Our items will also be identified by nearly all foreign clients.
Company: Nanjing Dongding Chemcials Co
Name: Sue Yang
Telephone: 86-25-83352344
Fax: 86-25-84870122
Address: Room A306,Jinpeng Mansion, No.218, Hanzhong Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, China
country: China (Mainland)
Calcium chloride--Chloride cas:10043-52-4
Calcium chloride--Chloride
Sodium carbonate--Carbonate cas:497-19-8
Sodium carbonate--Carbonate
Sodium Hydroxide--Alkali cas:1310-73-2
Sodium Hydroxide--Alkali
chromium oxide green--Rubber Coating cas:1308-38-9
chromium oxide green--Rubber Coating
Lithopone--Inorganic Acids cas:1345-05-7
Lithopone--Inorganic Acids
Iron Oxide Green--Paint & Coating cas:1309-37-1
Iron Oxide Green--Paint & Coating
Phosphoric acid--Inorganic Acids cas:7664-38-2
Phosphoric acid--Inorganic Acids
Copper sulphate--Sulphate cas:7758-98-7
Copper sulphate--Sulphate
Iron Oxide Yellow--Paint & Coating cas:51274-00-1
Iron Oxide Yellow--Paint & Coating
Zinc Oxide--Oxide cas:1314-13-2
Zinc Oxide--Oxide
Sodium Tripolyphosphate--Other Inorganic Chemicals cas:7758-29-4
Sodium Tripolyphosphate--Other Inorganic Chemicals